The Third Annual Greater Victoria Community Resources Awareness Day brings together several local service agencies in an information fair environment to network and share information. Participants will include staff from agencies offering employment services, housing assistance,   counselling services, child care, food assistance, health services and advocacy.

LifeRing has particpated each year and looks forward to being there again to talk about what we do. This event is not open to the general public.

LifeRing Canada enjoys a reciprocally rewarding relationship with the University of Victoria's School of Social Work and have previously benefited from having graduate students come and learn about what we do while providing their hard work and dedication to better themselves before going out into the workforce.

This website is new as of December 2011 and we want to keep the content fresh, innovative and most of all informative. We are looking for guest bloggers to help us with content that covers a variety of topics from personal experience with substance abuse, addiction and recovery to hearing from clinicians, academics, health care workers and those who offer unique perspectives and therapies for their clients.

Volunteers are the backbone of our organization and without them, we really have no organization. We have many volunteers at LifeRing, but tonight was a special night to recognize those who have dedicated themselves to give back to a community that has helped them so much. It was a long time coming to be able to recognize those who have been with us since the beginning (we start our fourth year this year) and for those who jumped on board this exciting movement throughout our existence.

Putting together a dynamic funding proposal is hard work and thankfully we have the right people on board at LifeRing Canada. The United Way of Greater Victoria has approved our funding application to cover some of our core expenses over the next twelve months. This is great news and thank you to United Way of Greater Victoria for believing in our project.




Do you like research? Statistics? Analysis? Want to know more about substance abuse in Canada? The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse has a legislated mandate to provide national leadership and evidence-informed analysis and advice to mobilize collaborative efforts to reduce alcohol and other drug-related harms.


Visit the official website to read more about this project and ayahuasca.


A research team from the UVIC Department of Psychology is assisting LifeRing with putting together the first ever Convenors Training Program. Convenors are the meeting facilitators. Currently, Convenors are provided the current LifeRing Convenors Handbook and are mentored while learning how to run meetings. What we want to do is provide Convenors an opportunity to enhance the meeting experience for participants, but also for themselves by offering basic training in various methods of group facilitation related to substance abuse and addiction self-help groups.


Issues of Substance 2011 conference kicks off in Vancouver and Michael Walsh, Founding Executive Director of LifeRing Secular Recovery Society Canada is attending the three day conference and presenting a talk called: Diversifying Recovery Options: The Success of LifeRing in Victoria on Monday November 7, 2011. LifeRing has been very successful in Victoria and we want to take the same model to other cities and provide people options in self-help support groups they require and are looking for.


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