UVIC Department of Psychology


A research team from the UVIC Department of Psychology is assisting LifeRing with putting together the first ever Convenors Training Program. Convenors are the meeting facilitators. Currently, Convenors are provided the current LifeRing Convenors Handbook and are mentored while learning how to run meetings. What we want to do is provide Convenors an opportunity to enhance the meeting experience for participants, but also for themselves by offering basic training in various methods of group facilitation related to substance abuse and addiction self-help groups.

The first step is to meet on December 3, 2011 with all Convenors and the research team present. The meeting will discuss how the team from UVIC will gather and compile the information in order to develop the training program, but most importantly will be an opportunity for Convenors to have input on what that training will look like. Some of the elements of training could include motivational interviewing; cognitive behaviorial therapy; facilitation skills; etc.

The end result sometime in the first quarter of 2012 will be a Convenor training program that everyone who runs LifeRing meetings will participate in; a newly desigend Convenor Handbook and skills that will enhance the already incredibly supportive environments participants experience at meetings.

For more information on the Convenor Training Program you can connect with Erica at the UVIC Department of Psychology at ewoodin@uvic.ca or 250.721.8590. If Erica is not available please connect with Alina at asotskov@uvic.ca.

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