Victoria Facilitators Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

Volunteers are the backbone of our organization and without them, we really have no organization. We have many volunteers at LifeRing, but tonight was a special night to recognize those who have dedicated themselves to give back to a community that has helped them so much. It was a long time coming to be able to recognize those who have been with us since the beginning (we start our fourth year this year) and for those who jumped on board this exciting movement throughout our existence.

Those who run our meetings claim that "giving back" actually help their own sobriety. How so? After getting some clean and sober time under one's belt - it can be helpful for some to stay connected to the recovery community and one way to do that is to get involved and help others. Helping others can put one's own sobriety into prespective when seeing the new person coming through the doors for their first time or coming back from a relapse. It is kind of like an insurance policy that can save one from "going out." As well, it is highly rewarding to be in a place of sobriety where one feels comfortable enough that they can be of assistance to others.

There is absolutely no question that people are alive today, because of LifeRing meetings. It is also true that many people stay clean and sober and have enhanced their quality of life, because they attend and participate in LifeRing meetings.

The only way a LifeRing meeting can run is if they have a meeting facilitator we call Convenors, so thank you to all the Convenors in Victoria and beyond who dedicate themselves to helping others!

Think you can champion LifeRing and Convene an existing meeting or start a meeting of your own, go here. If you would like to Volunteer with LifeRing in any other capacity please go here.


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My Brother is in Victoria general hospital He would love to talk to someone from your group
I can be reached at 604-853-1349 if your are open to talk to him

Thank you


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